Robert Pattinson Goes Into Hotness Protection Program

Robert Pattinson’s fans are going to have a harder time tracking down their favorite heartthrob from here on in.

OK! Magazine reports that the producers of Pattinson’s latest movie, Remember Me, are taking extraordinary steps to protect the Twilight star’s privacy, after he was nearly run over by a taxicab during a run-in with overzealous admirers last month.

During the past week, Pattinson’s name has been left off of the shoot’s daily call sheet, severely limiting knowledge of when the star will be on set. The producers have also laid a gag order on the crew, forbidding them from discussing R-Pattz with the media.

“They were told not to talk to the press at all,” says an insider. “And when they talk on their phones about the shoot, they need to make sure no one else is around. They’ve also started listing these rules on the top of call sheets.”

What’s more, crew members have taken to actually providing misinformation to onlookers about what’s being filmed, telling curious passersby that they’re working on an episode of Law & Order or a commercial.

All of the secrecy and lying hasn’t sat well with some members of the production.

“It’s ridiculous,” grouses one crew member. “I worked on a film with Jennifer Aniston and it wasn’t nearly this bad. Older people don’t even know who he is. It’s all the teenagers that literally scream when they see him who make shooting impossible. They’ve had to hire security, it’s actually the same company Aniston used.”

Tell us in the comments section: Do you think that Remember Me’s producers are going overboard in protecting R-Pattz’s privacy?