'Harry Potter' Bully Admits to Growing Weed

'Harry Potter' Bully Admits to Growing Weed-photo

The Associated Press reports that Jamie Waylett, who plays school bully Vincent Crabbe in the Harry Potter movie series, pleaded guilty to growing marijuana in a London court on Thursday.

Waylett, 19, was arrested in April, after police searched a car that he was riding in and found eight bags of marijuana and a knife. The police subsequently searched the home of Waylett's mother, where they found 10 pot plants.

The charge against Waylett carries a maximum sentence of 14 years. According to Judge Timothy Workman, Waylett will be sentenced on Tuesday.



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  • rthui43yh

    he sucks!!!!!!!!!! he was going to be usefull for the 8th film!


    wow really??? all faith in humanity is diminished. put behind bars for planting some seeds. tsk tsk. so someones gonna say,its a drug. but i beg to differ, drugs you gotta do sh*t to it. i've never seen a crack tree,meth bush or ice shrub. think about sh*t,and dont just assume its right because its been that way for a long ass time. bad laws,stupid people.

  • Heather

    hell yeah!!!!!!!! :) that's awesome.

  • CoNfUsiOn

    Why would he even want to grow weed when the mofo makes enough money to buy it?

  • noah

    Idiot! huge let down for his fans. This guy had fans?

  • NIck

    Whats the big deal, so he grew a bit of weed! 14 years I mean they are having a laugh. In the same week a social worker got just 6 weeks in jail for downloading child porn. I know what I would consider to be a worse crime!

  • sobriquet87

    Idiot! One of the HP actors were bound to screw something up eventually. Jamie was always really down to earth so it sucks that he did something like this. huge let down for his fans.

  • tahanee

    nice job dude, say bye-bye to HP.

  • me

    He's so dumb! Why would he do something that stupid?! And his character plays a pretty significant role in the last HP film, so he just completely screwed that up.