Lindsay Lohan: Believe It Or Not

Lindsay Lohan: Believe It Or Not-photo

Lindsay Lohan really doesn't look like herself these days. Or at least in these photos.

After doing a promo video for Fornarina earlier this year, LiLo is back with a fresh set of sexy pictures for the clothing company that may as well be computer animation. It takes a great deal of studying the photos to believe that the model here is, indeed, a freckle-less, facially modified Lohan.

Despite being the living scandal that she is, LiLo's looking quite good for the moment decked out in some of fall 2009's hottest fashions.

Tell us what you think in the comments section: Is this an improvement for Lindsay Lohan?



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  • chinyy

    As fans, we see Lindsay she always the most beautiful-stunning young lady in entirely world, especially the hair and natural-temperament humans could sence. Like this so much!

  • ames

    ugggghh its lindsay. ( moan, groan, crash, smash, fornarina) just so you know that was me making fun of the promo video

  • lohanisback

    This is a huge improvement, she looks gorgeous!

  • R K
    R K

    Fornarina - what the hell? She'd be a natural to sell Liquor, Cocaine, or pharmacuticals to treat STDs. Stupid marketing people...

  • Kaye

    Oh my. No, just no. As completely messed up and scary skinny as she is, I think she's still prettier as herself than what these people have turned her into...

  • missbrightside