Robert Pattinson Is a Real Cut-Up on Set

Robert Pattinson Is a Real Cut-Up on Set-photo

Good God, is Remember Me a romance or a horror flick?

Twilight star Robert Pattinson was once again on the set of his latest film in downtown New York on Wednesday, and once again he was sporting more than his share of cuts, bruises and scrapes.

R-Pattz obsessives will recall that the 23-year-old actor has been battered around once or twice already while filming Remember Me.

Good thing production on the film is drawing to an end—how much more can poor Patsy take?

On the other hand, dealing with werewolves will probably be a snap after this experience.



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  • barbie

    i love Rob looking ruffed up. Sexy

  • Sarah H
    Sarah H

    wow, robert pattinson needs a stunt double for the scenes that require any skill at all, including acting...

  • twilightobsessed

    even with all those scars he looks more than beautiful

  • T a m m y   C u l l e n
    T a m m y C u l l e n

    mmm. He's so sweet. He smokes tho, Kinda a turnoff.oh and to all of u my second name is actually Cullen, no lies. (=

  • Those SHOES
    Those SHOES

    Please tell me th guy on the steps is a stunt double and not ACTUALLY wearing the the same heinous outfit as Ro-P by mistake.

  • lahe27

    Rob is so hot! even in all of the cuts and scars!


    he looks so hot with the scars, like a tough, rough, brute man ;)