Chris Weitz Talks 'New Moon' Transformations — and the Proposal Scene!

Chris Weitz Talks 'New Moon' Transformations — and the Proposal Scene!-photo

With Eclipse gearing up to start filming next month, it's almost easy to forget that the first Twilight sequel, New Moon, hasn't been released yet. (Will you all be able to hold your breath until November 20?)

But the second installment of the Twilight movie saga is very much on director Chris Weitz's mind. As Weitz prepares New Moon for release, he took time out to talk to Rotten Tomatoes about what to expect.

Such as the computer-generated effects—particularly the werewolf and vampire transformations.

It seems that Weitz is under strict orders from Twilight author Stephenie Meyer to keep the transformations natural—at least, as natural as such things can be.

"Our aim was to make them look like what it says they look like in the book, and not to be too fancy about it," says Weitz. "You know, it was very important to Stephenie that, for instance, the werewolves transform very quickly and that they look like wolves, that we not have this kind of magical, Lon Chaney-esque long transformations, and I think the reason behind that is to give a sense of their reality."

"I think that was important for the Volturi as well," Weitz adds. "They're not levitating above the ground, they're not surrounded by mystical auras, they are creatures who actually exist and they're very specific, they're very stylish, they're very elegant, they're very dangerous. Essentially, it's really faithful to the book."

And while he's on the subject of changes, Weitz discusses the much-talked-about "proposal scene." Twi-hard Nation was shocked to hear that the scene would be altered from the book version. But Weitz would like to reassure the Twilight faithful. Sort of.

"[The proposal scene]  hasn't been cut out, I can tell you that much," Weitz says, before turning cagey. "It's not going to hit them in exactly the way that they think it's going to, but I will say that—how can I put it?—it's going to be quite special. I kind of saved all of my gusto for that moment. I don't think it will disappoint."

He'd better hope so!

Tell us in the comments section: Do you trust Chris Weitz to do right by New Moon's proposal scene?



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  • gemma

    They really did well adapting the book to screen in Twilight. You can't put everything in a movie. I thought the way Bella confronted Edward in the forest about being a Vampire was way better than the way she talked to him about it in the car ride in the book. I was holding my breath when I saw it on screen. If they do the same in New Moon then nothing is lost. It's just even more satisfying.

  • lahe27

    omg! i can't wait for this movie to come out! i read new moon twice! and im sooooooo excited! i hope that the proposal scene is good! kinda upset that its not gunna be like the book, but at least they are doing that scene!

  • Farms

    Isn't the point of the proposal scene that it doesn't have "gusto", and that it's awkward and a little bit cringy for Bella? It's not meant to be a show stopper or hideously romantic, it's short, awkward and not entirely mutual. Hope this isn't a let down. Would be brilliant if they could get it right.

  • selma

    aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh CAN'T wait thank you Chris I LOVE YOU i'm sure NM'll be GREAT FANTASTIC AWESOME WONDERFUL and above all BEAUTIFUL so exited

  • Hanna Hanafiah
    Hanna Hanafiah

    I hope they made it better! And yes, I cant wait for new moon either (:

  • ally

    ahh so excited for new moon.

  • niki

    AHHHHHH im dying i have to see this movie. like now.

  • lesliex3

    As long as there is a proposal no worries!! That was one of the most crucial points in the book..thank you Chris weitz for the reassurance!! So excited =)

  • Janie

    I am not the type that is opposed to changes in a movie from the book. IF it makes it even better, I am all for it. I will probably get killed but I can see where some changes in various parts would be for the better.

  • NewMoonRULES!!