Hailey Glassman Made the Most of Her College Years

And the dirt on Jon Gosselin’s new girlfriend keeps on coming.

Details about Hailey Glassman’s party-girl past have been bubbling to the surface ever since she was spotted with the Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad in St. Tropez over the weekend. And now The Superficial has learned from a former schoolmate of Hailey’s just how tawdry Glassman’s college years were.

“We lived in Bordner 200 in McNutt [Residence Center] during freshmen year at [Indiana University],” the source reveals. “Over winter break the first year she lost 20 pounds. When girls on the floor asked for her secret she said two word[s]…’coke diet!'”

But, hey; it’s understandable that Glassman would need the nose-candy boost. As the former schoolmate tells it, Hailey’s carnal shenanigans must have been exhausting.

“I also talked with her after sophomore spring break in Acapulco and she told some crazy stories involving her and a certain varsity athletic team,” the source continues. “When push came to shove….she spent all week hosting several football players in her room including then qb Blake Powers. The room was definitely not the only thing she provided (I heard about definite tag team action)… “

Wow; and some people waste their college years actually studying and stuff.

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