Harry Potter Producer Talks ‘Half-Blood Prince’ and ‘Deathly Hallows’

With Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince hitting the theaters this week, most of the attention has been focused on stars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. But Collider caught up with Harry Potter producer David Heyman recently, and he was more than happy to spill dirt on Half-Blood Prince and the final two installments of the series, parts 1 and 2 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Read on, but be forewarned—there may be spoilers involved.

With regard to differences between the Half-Blood Prince book and movie—particularly, the omission of Dumbledore’s funeral in the latter—Heyman notes that, while there was originally a script that adhered to the book, changes were made for various reasons.

“In the very first draft the Prime Minister did a scene in it and I loved that scene, but again what it seemed to lead to as we developed it as too many beginnings, which again, was one of the reasons why we cut out the funeral which is one of my favorite scenes in the book,” Heyman notes. “But again, what we felt was with the emotion of Dumbledore’s death and after the fight and then coming back and having the scene in the courtyard when Harry is there with Dumbledore’s body. To then have the funeral felt like it was one step too many. I loved that scene in the book, but it just…it’s part of the adaptation process, you know?”

As for what kind of extras might be included in Half-Blood Prince’s DVD and Blu-ray releases, Heyman notes that there are “surprisingly few” deleted scenes to include.

“This is a film that the script was pretty lean or the film that ended up on the screen is quite close to the script on the screen, ” Heyman says.

He does, however, say that the casting for Lavender Brown will most likely be included, for good reason. “[Director] David Yates did this improv with Rupert and Jessie Cave and it was really funny. Letting them… just seeing them get to know…just doing a bit of scene and then just being…actually they were just improvising and it’s really funny and Rupert’s brilliant,” Heyman reveals.

Looking beyond Half-Blood Prince and toward the Deathly Hallows films, Heyman points out a very key difference between parts 1 and 2 of Deathly Hallows.

“I’d say that Part 1 is a road movie,” Heyman opines. “You know Harry, Ron and Hermione are on the run. It’s quite naturalistic in the way it’s been shot. And I think the 2nd half is more operatic with the huge, great battle for Hogwarts. It’s very emotional.”

We’re getting choked up just thinking about it.

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