Janet Jackson is Single!

When Janet Jackson’s long-time boyfriend Jermaine Dupri failed to attend her brother Michael’s funeral last week, many questioned whether or not the two were broken up.

While Dupri’s friend explained that he was absent because he “doesn’t attend funerals,” now we seem to know the real reason why he wasn’t there.

In the new issue of Us Weekly, a source says that Jackson and Dupri “have been moving in different directions for a while” and “His friends are telling people it’s over.”

There were even rumors earlier this year that Janet was pregnant, but it seems like that was just talk.

The reason for the split? The couple had started working on music together.

“You shouldn’t mix business with pleasure,” a mutual pal explains. “Janet felt their lives were too crossed and they should have kept things sepa­rate.”

Also, Janet and Jermaine wanted to live different kinds of lives. “Jermaine likes to be out there, mingling with everybody, and ­Janet’s more shy,” the source explains.

Janet has much more than a recent split to deal with, as she’s been busy taking care of Michael’s children and may even fight for custody of the young ones.

We’re wishing Janet luck in this difficult time!