Jon Gosselin Definitely Bought An Engagement Ring

Jon Gosselin Definitely Bought An Engagement Ring-photo

While Jon Gosselin is denying that he's engaged to his new, wild girlfriend Hailey Glassman, his jeweler is telling a different story:



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  • tte4556

    hes sooo wrong

  • Irak

    Jon might want to lay of the cheeseburgers!!! Some role model for his kids!!

  • Votesno4show

    The Gosselins became known because we the viewers were fascinated on how an ordinary family could raise sextuplets plus two. It has since morphed into anything but an 'ordinary family' and relates more to how the over overprivileged indulge in life. Viewer support has already paid for enough... are we also now expected to pay for Jon's playboy affairs too?

  • Ashley

    What an idiot! He doesn't realize Hailey is just using him for his fame and money. We are going to be laughing when Jon gets divorced 2 weeks after they get married. What a loser.

  • nigma

    oh well! boring now :) looks like he sucks in bed anyway

  • Kate Deserves What She Gets
    Kate Deserves What She Gets

    Get the most out of a girl and move on??? Are you kidding me? It was Katie who wanted a whole uterus full of kids, not Jon, or at least that's what Kon tells us. She treated him worse than I've ever known a person to treat a significant other and now we're supposed to feel sad that she's been rejected and perhaps replaced? The poor guy had his testicles in her purse and had to CARRY THE PURSE! She sucked the life out of him and now she is surprised that he wants his life BACK? Oh, please.

  • poormans

    a great example of the american dream, get the most out of a girl then move on to the next one.

  • Jillsybean72

    I hope Kate gets full custody and Jon has to pay a huge amount of child support! He is a total tool! Very selfish and childish! How sad for Kate to have to watch her husband date the daughter of the guy who performed her tummy tuck?! When did Jon and Hailey start this romance?? What a cheater! He only thinks of himself and not his wife or kids feelings! I hope he does not have anymore kids!!!!!

  • reneelucky7

    I think that it is an absolute shame that he is marry someone so quickly. He barely even knows her! When you are getting married to someone, you are becoming one with them. and unless he wants to become one with a walking beer bong, he is making a massive mistake.

  • JonHater

    Jon Gosselin is the biggest douchebag around.