Kim Kardashian: Into Africa

Kim Kardashian: Into Africa-photo

Kim Kardashian is really getting around these days.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star spent time with her boyfriend, New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush, this week in Botswana in Africa, bringing some sunshine into the lives of disadvantaged children.

"Once we got into Botswana we dropped our bags off at the hotel and then headed to a school for disabled children," Kardashian writes on her official Web site. "We met some really amazing children and Reggie brought them all footballs and taught them how to play football. This facility is called the Motswedi Rehabilitation Centre and it helps rehabilitate children and care for children as they are getting ready to pass away."

"The looks on these beautiful childrens' faces as Reggie was playing football with them was unexplainable," Kardashian continues. "It was so touching. Reggie and Adidas donated a new rehab facility for the children to use!"



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  • nana

    what exactly was she doing there?

  • jamaicanbabi

    There Kim goes again, being the publicity whore she is. Wearing expensive stuff to Africa, acting like she cares about disadvantaged youth...this is just another photo op for her so that she can put her whoreish-sex tape name out there some morw

  • reneelucky7

    Kim Kardashian is into anything that equals publicity- I highly doubt she actually cares about these poor children- she only cares about her "brand",

  • Katy

    I love how confused Reggie Bush looks in this photo. Come to think of it, he always looks perplexed when he's around La Kardashian...

  • ames

    only kim kardashian could greet disadvantaged children wearing that. nicely done