Peter Facinelli: “Twilight Dad”

Celebuzz sat down for an interview with Peter Facinelli at his recent Affliction autograph signing and Twitter drawing for his infamous bikini bet in Los Angeles.

Peter, who plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight series and the onscreen dad to Robert Pattinson, Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz, revealed that he also feels fatherly to the cast of the vampire series in real life!

He explained, “Especially on the first movie. You know I definitely felt fatherly towards them and that kind of grew as I got to know them. In the first movie they used to call me ‘Dad,’ and that’s kinda nice. I’ve got about a decade on them and so I can’t actually physically be their dad, but there’s an aspect there where they look at me as a fatherly figure.”

And this is one father who doesn’t play favorites with his kiddos. When asked who he’s closest to in the cast, Peter just couldn’t give us an answer.

“I have three daughters and that’s like saying who’s your favorite kid. I really respect and like each and every one of them,” he replied. “We really did bond like a family and I talk to all of them. I couldn’t really pick out who is closer. To me they’re all my friends and my family.”

Having all the Twilight cast as your friends and family? What a lucky dude!