PHOTO GALLERY: Kim Kardashian Seems Kind of Jumpy

Kim Kardashian. In a bikini. Bouncing on a trampoline.

Not that any of you will continue reading beyond that last sentence, but new pics of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star have surfaced on the Internet today, showcasing Kim in a variety of swimsuit-clad poses.

Why were the pictures taken? Why, to make you happy, of course.

So click through our gallery of Kim K bikini shots and enjoy. And don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comments section!



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  • p6

    I do like the attractive curves 0f Kim K

  • agomez

    Kim is beautiful! She is working out now and eating right. So i do believe that she does look good! Stop hating! If you don't like her then stop leaving Comments! Duh!!!

  • ali


  • kristinapodaneva

    anyway... she always look good!!

  • Brad

    Haha,Rick.I have to congratulate you for having THE definition and worldwide standard for beauty! What a blessing you have been given. I've been to several countries in America and Europe,and very few times have I seen women as beautiful as Kim. Seriously,if she was that common people WOULDN'T bother to read about her. I think she looks way more beautiful than most other celebrities as well, and she definitely has a unique body and face. Don't talk like you have the answers for everyone,it's nauseating.

  • Vic

    And I'm not even commenting on how she is as a person,I don't know her and neither do you.. People are attracted to and amazed her and she takes advantages and makes profit off of her celeb status,so what? She has great style and beauty, people don't love her cuz she's Albert Einstein reincarnated:)

  • Vic

    Honestly,i have cellulite,and if you are gonna judge a persons beauty cuz of that i think U are the shallow and ugly person. Kim on a bad day is probably way hotter than you are on a good day.. They take paparazzi pictures of her as well,and she obviously gorgeous, without make-up and with a little bit of cellulite. Would U be on the cover of a magazine with cellulite?? Hell no,they would photoshop it away. GET REAL. Stop expecting celebrities to be perfect,wtf they ARE only human, you narrow minded low-lives..


    uqh haters i swear.KIM IS AMAZING.Shes a beautiful hard workinq woman.Shes famous and your not.dont worry about how she became a celebrity.and so whatif she has a little celulite who doesnt were all human come on!

  • LizzyLove

    shes gorgeous . going on acting like you know her , we dont know her so whats up with the judging ay?

  • Joe

    Join Celebuzz

  • Em

    I admit she's got a body,but that's ALL she has. No intellect,no insite on anything! How exactly did she get to being a celebrity?Wsa Hollywood really just hard up?!

  • conrad

    shes a slutty whore bitch

  • rick

    What is there about her that is supposed to be so special ? Not for nothing, but you can find 20 girls with faces and bodies as good or better than her's on any given day, at any high school, college campus or busy mall in America! When you are famous for doing nothing, you had better have looks that are exceptional or unique. There is nothing unique about dark hair, pretty face, nice booty. She isn't even the prettiest of the sisters!

  • ron

    No ass photos? It's the only thing she's famous for!

  • CincinnnnatiGirl

    I think she is fake personally, i mean watch her porno? She is pastey white? Has cottage cheese all over her legs? and yet in these pictures looks like a goodess? Its simply called Photoshop ladies and gents ;]

  • ella

    cloe is the hottest of all tha sistas!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ricky

    dont hate bitches kim is fine !!!

  • lupe

    she needs to go away like heidi and spencer. transvess in a bikini.

  • am yiyen
    am yiyen

    hmm looks delcious but whore

  • Samantha

    Gawd I'm sick of her. Nice air brushing though!

  • liz

    she needs to go away like heidi and spencer. transvess in a bikini.

  • princess

    glam =]