PHOTO GALLERY: Lindsay Lohan Reminds Us of Someone

Lindsay Lohan graces the cover of the latest Vogue España and, call us crazy, but her look seems awfully familiar.

Maybe the cover will shed some light.

"La Nueva Marilyn: Lindsay Lohan."

Hmm. Dang, it's been a while since high-school Spanish. Little help? Anyone?

Let us know in the comments section: What do you think of LiLo's pics in Vogue España?



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  • aimes76

    wtf is she wearing???

  • tonginchic

    Lilo is the spitting image of Marilyn Monroe.

  • Jack

    Get that fabulous jacket at the outlet store.

  • mean girl
    mean girl

    watever f*****! d girl is hot.u cudnt evn pull a string..

  • belarina27

    Dido! I must admit I have seen photos of other female celeb's impersonate Marilyn in a shoots this is just too tacky!

  • Belarina27

    Her look in this shot reminds me a little of Jane Krakowski?!

  • steve

    so lovely

  • gobo

    their sayin that lindsay is he new mailyn monroe! duh! u guys are such idiots! i mean its not that hard You... you do know what sarcasm is right? Right? I despair.

  • natcat

    well said kaoz! this is a disgrace to marilyn, this girl is anorexic and gaunt looking, and frankly its scary to look at these pictures!

  • ultimatefanpire

    their sayin that lindsay is he new mailyn monroe! duh! u guys are such idiots! i mean its not that hard

  • shling

    Oh please! You could put a wig on anyone, cover them with makeup, do a little air brushing, and you'd get the same results, maybe better. I wonder how many copies they sold with her on the cover? If it was worth the cheap price they payed for her?

  • jacline

    looooove the dress!!

  • reneelucky7

    I think that she looks great. Like I said before, the best thing you can do when people are talking badly about you, is to prove everyone wrong.

  • maniac000nloose

    i hate to say this but she actually looks good!!!!

  • sHoOoShoOo92

    yea ,,, marilyne monrue =)

  • WHY??

    who the f-ck keeps giving her jobs??

  • kaoz

    more like marylin monroe on drugs =[ could anyone compare the two?!!! putting on a white dress and sporting a short blonde cut doesnt make her look like marylin just makes her look like a girl with a white dress and blonde hair =/..marylin was thick and curvy and she wasnt a catty drama queen either like miss "lilo"

  • Raz

    "La Nueva Marilyn: Lindsay Lohan." = the new Marilyn: Lindsay Lohan cough, i think not