PHOTO GALLERY: Robert Pattinson Celebrates Casual Friday at Work

Robert Pattinson was back on the set of Remember Me in New York on Friday, and while his face has recovered nicely from its recent roughed-up state, the same can't be said for his wardrobe.

Sporting a weathered baseball cap, torn jeans and a fraying T-shirt, he looked like he was ready to hop the next freight train and ride the rails right out of town.

Good thing the guy doesn't need to dress to impress.

Check out the pics and let us know in the comments section: What do you think of RoPa's dressed-down look?



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  • Bernadette Cullen
    Bernadette Cullen

    love robert pattinson a lot...........keep up the good work... because i will always be in your side.....

  • bernadette

    he's one of a kind........i don't care if he wears bad or good....the thing is he stand-out....such a perfect person.... love him a lot....

  • lizbizz11

    I like him any clothing!!! If he wore a clown suit I and half the population of teen girls would think he is sexxy!!

  • svamp

    i agree he doesn't need to get dressed!! He is soooo hot and Sexy!!!

  • Michelle

    If he didn't wish to dress at all, I would be happy!

  • Sandra

    He is so hot even when hiding away his sex hair and eyes Mmmh. just wanna shag him! he could be wearing a bin sack for what i care!

  • Guest

    Hello people he is going to work where he will change in and out of different costumes all day he isn't going to wear a fancy suit and tie is he? be reasonable

  • babs

    the man could wear a trash bag and make it look good. i like the fact that he doesn't dress to impress unless he needs to. when he cleans up for something like the Academy Awards or his red carpet walk in Cannes. holy s*** that's when he shines.

  • ann ly
    ann ly

    the "sam bradley concert" t-shirt ha ha ha..

  • april

    when it comes to robert pattinson dress is irrelevant. he can wear a rag all day still he will look good.aal those people picking on his clothes youre not going anyhere if thats all you want to talk.

  • ovr2u

    Ummm... who exactly does he need to impress? If this kid "stays the course" he could wear his pj's all day & it wouldn't matter.

  • shany24paws

    Rob's friggin HOTT no matter what he wears! I love his scruffy, dirty look!

  • Tdinie

    Love that t-shirt! It reminds me of some shirts I saw at a Russian Store, which were completely cool.

  • Amanda

    I think I love him.

  • michelle

    'tan lindo_!!1111111111


    im tired of the Remember Me set, i want Eclipse

  • niceandtyde

    SCUSE ME!!! he does't even need to get dress. He is georgeos!!!!

  • Lalie

    Ben Afleck said lately he regretted his relationship with beautiful actor Jennifer Lopez, owner of a very much praised butt; it had been bad for him, the two failure films they did together; he should read what Rob Pattinson says of his first love, to learn behaving like a gentleman.

  • sam

    My Lover!