PHOTO GALLERY: Emma Watson on 'Deathly Hallows' Set

She looks like she's already on campus at Brown!

Emma Watson was spotted signing autographs and filming a scene where she leaves home in the latest Harry Potter film in Golder's Green, North London on July 18, 2009. The gang is already back at work on Deathly Hallows after weeks of promoting Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which made ridiculous bank at this weekend's box office.

Enjoy the new pictures of Emma in our gallery.



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  • fred

    get ya tits out

  • iffat

    i love her whole dress

  • Hermione

    She is a great actress,I'm looking forward deathly hallows! and I think she and Rupert Grint would be a perfect couple...

  • Erin

    Anyone else think she looks kinda sad in these pics? I kinda hope that the media leaves her alone and lets her attend school like a normal kid. Can't be easy to make many friends with cameras following you around nonstop.

  • hum

    i love her jacket

  • francis

    I think that she's a magnificent and beautiful girl even if I haven't met her because just like her movies, she's determined to follow her dreams and I know that she'll be a wonderful actress as day passes and she'll be even more astonishing as a mature actress. Thats all...

  • joy

    i have watch how emma mature as an actress and a person. she is actually my daughter's idol since the 1st harry potter movie. a down-to-earth gal knows what is important to her. i admire her because she choose to study and put her career on hold. she is the kind of girl i want my daughter will be when she grows up. the same attitude and drive

  • Virginia

    Hey it's Deathly HALLOWS no Hollows

  • antiagingsytropin

    She's a true English Rose. And she's very modest with her fame. I'll be watching HP6 tomorrow. I heard a lot of bad reviews about it, but what the heck? I'll just watch it and judge it myself. Anyway, it's good fun to enjoy it with friends.

  • pamela

    ha it looks like shes floating =P

  • gabby

    Taht's probably what it is. At first I thought it was a scene after Ron leaves them. But her location wouldn't make sense because they're supposed to be in hiding. she's such a great actress. i felt so bad for her in HBP when she saw ron kissing lavender.

  • Me

    Awesome!! I think she's filming the scene after she modifies her parent's memories to forget they have a daughter. That's the only thing that makes sense because she's alone in a residential area. But I love her outfit! And YAY she's got the magical handbag!!!