Bam Margera Hospitalized for Possible Overdose

Bam Margera didn’t have such a great weekend.

TMZ reports that the Jackass star was whisked away to the hospital on Sunday by paramedics who rushed to his West Chester, Pennsylvania, home after receiving a 911 call about a “possible overdose.”

Apparently, Bam didn’t learn much from his Jackass co-star Steve-O’s experiences with drugs.

Coming to Bam’s rescue on the PR end of things is his mother, April Margera, who called in to Philly radio station WMMR on Monday to downplay the whole “took too many drugs” aspect of the story.

April told the radio station that her son had become “severely dehydrated” while filming stunts for his Jackass knockoff Nitro Circus.

So it wasn’t drugs, it was dehydration, eh? Nice to see some people stick with the classics.