Jon Gosselin Respects the Sanctity of Marriage

Sure, Jon Gosselin may have been spotted in the company of super-cool party girl Hailey Glassman and Star reporter Kate Major recently, but rest assured: The man’s no cheater.

People magazine quotes a source who insists that the Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad didn’t start dating Glassman until after his wife Kate filed for divorce on June 20.

Hmm; does Jon always buy engagement rings for women he’s been dating for less than a month? Might explain his choice of spouses!

The source also claims that Jon and Kate have been split up since late last year, and that Kate’s decision to end their marriage left Gosselin “totally heartbroken.”

“She said she wanted her life,” the source recalls. “She said she was done. It came out of the blue.”

Poor Jon; however will he get over the heartache?

Let us know in the comments section: Who comes out looking worse in the Gosselin divorce, Jon or Kate?