Katherine Jackson Could Challenge MJ Estate Executors

Is Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine gearing up to make a play for her deceased son’s estate?

The Associated Press reports that Jackson asked a judge whether she can challenge the authority of the will’s executors without being disinherited on Friday.

In his will, Jackson—who died in late June at the age of 50—named attorney John Branca and music exec John McClain as executors, and stated that his estate should be put in a private trust. That trust also contains a “no contest” clause, stating that anyone who disputes the will should be disinherited.

Katherine Jackson’s request could mean that she’ll be seeking control of Michael’s estate, which could be worth more than $500 million, though apparently she hasn’t made a firm decision to do so yet. Her filing from Friday states, “Mrs. Jackson and her counsel have not yet decided whether to object to the appointment of the named executors or to suggest an alternate appointment.”

Tell us in the comments section: Do you think mother knows best in this situation, or should Katherine Jackson abide by her dead son’s wishes?