'New Moon' Soundtrack: Muse, Radiohead Confirmed

'New Moon' Soundtrack: Muse, Radiohead Confirmed-photo

There'll be some familiar voices on the soundtrack for the upcoming Twilight sequel New Moon.

The Los Angeles Times reports that director Chris Weitz has confirmed that the soundtrack "will feature songs from Radiohead, Muse and Band of Skulls, among others."

Muse had previously contributed the song "Supermassive Black Hole" to the Twilight soundtrack, and while Radiohead didn't appear on the official soundtrack, their song "15 Step" played over the closing credits of the vampire film.

Earlier, Weitz had noted that Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke and Kings of Leon are being considered for the New Moon soundtrack.

Let us know in the comments section: What do you think of the New Moon soundtrack choices so far? And who else do you think should be added?



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  • Terri

    I loved the Twilight soundtrack and I hope the New Moon soundtrack is just as good will Linkin Park be doing a song on this soundtrack as well? Will Robert be adding a song of his own as well like he did for Twilight?

  • sakura

    They are all good ones...but why they didn´t invited Within temptation . It is a great group and i think that is perfect for this kind of film.

  • Adriana

    I think kings of leon and muse and the rest are perfect for this film.I also love paramore, I am realy sade they don´t pretense to the soundtrack.

  • Honeydew

    Paramore has stated in an article this year that they dont want to be known as "the vampire band" so they will not be on the New Moon soundtract and other hence on. so in taking that into aspect, they probaly wont be on the top 50 again!

  • HH

    EMBRACE!!!!!! Gravity and I Can't Come Down are awesome songs!! Would love to hear Embrace on soundtrack.

  • Becca

    There well good choices but they should have another one of Rob's songs.... I loved 'Let me sign' in the film.... Maybe 'I'll be your lover too' would be a good choice for when Jake tells Bella he loves her??? xx

  • Sabrina_from_france

    *a good idea to add not "to had" =X sorry!

  • Sabrina_from_france

    I totally agree with these choices. But it would be a good idea to had Beautiful by HIM, I was listening to this song yesterday and immediatly i thought of Bella & Edward!! What do you guys think about this song? BTW Kings of Leon has to be on the soundtrack!

  • ness


  • Cheri

    It would be nice for them to consider something other than Rock. But Thom Yorke and Radiohead are amazing artists so It'd be good for them to both be on the soundtrack.

  • amanda

    Muse and K.O.L are my favorite bands so... I totally agree with Weitz choices so far! And Radiohead is really awsome, Weitz could use "Just", is a really cool music. Can't wait to listen to the sounstrack :)

  • aussiechick

    Evanescence has to be on the soundtrack !!! Their sound totally fits with the whole vampire, undead thing. And a couple of their songs have words that totally fit with the loss that Bella is feeling without Edward.

  • JC

    Fix You- Coldplay would be SO perfect for Jacob and Bella!

  • cc

    Need by Hana Pestle would be perfect for new moon!! www.myspace.com/needfornewmoon

  • SheCullen

    I think Silverchair really has to appear on the New Moon Soundtrack since I missed them on "Twilight". Their music is fabulous and totally fits into the story of the Twilight Saga.

  • Thomas E yorke
    Thomas E yorke

    Who cares about ANY band or even ANYTHING when radiohead is on the soundtrack?!?!?!?! R A D I O H E A D !!1 GUINESS.

  • aceygirl

    Into the Night by Motorhomes also some van Morrison would be cool! Like the list so far :-)

  • hispanicatthedisco

    If Ween does not end up on this soundtrack it will be a crime against humanity.

  • Grace

    Rob should be on the soundtrack along with Paramore! I really want Kings of Leon though! That would be amazing!

  • severnding

    though details stratosphere percent volcanic president efficiency partially

  • listentome87

    i think framing hanley - alone in this bed, should deff be on the soundtrack!!! perfect song!

  • rock_passion7@hotmail.com

    muse have to be in new moon soundtrack, and it will be great that tom yorke stay too, but kelly clarkson noo, she is not the style for new moon, she is so pop!

  • Marybeth

    Cool bands so far. Put a song from Curtis Peoples!!! Check him out!

  • Anon

    Radiohead is too good for this garbage.

  • gelseyk

    I think Rob should contribute to this soundtrack as well! I still love the way he does Never Think. It makes me cry!

  • ilvrpatz

    coldplays the scientist ...brillant song amazin lyrics really suited to new moon

  • jordyn

    the sound track sounds awesome i just hope that paramores on the album again.

  • poisonedmouth

    i will buy this cd!

  • mrsemmettcullen64

    i would like to have paramore in the soundtrack again

  • noah

    Radiohead's music sound slike an angel... and angel who is having her wings torn off by a Grizzly bear.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Muse AND Radiohead? Let the moan-fest begin!

  • fan

    "our feet dont touch the ground" by the wrecking should be added

  • diana

    yay sounds good! I was worried that they were going to eff up the soundtrack.

  • mmohler

    Please ask Chris Weitz to add a song called BLACK TABLES by OTHER LIVES. It is sort of sad piano type music that would be perfect. LOVE THAT SONG!

  • Melissa16

    King of leon on new moon soundtrack would ...be.....awsome!!

  • lizbizz11

    I love all the artist that they listed!! YAY!!

  • carolina

    looks good ;) I really hope the kings of leon will join, I think their music is perfect for the twilight saga xoxo

  • Nani

    Muse...great...I loved the last Soundtrack....and I hope this one is as good as the last one :)