Rachelle LeFevre To Experience Stunted Growth in ‘New Moon’

Be prepared to see Rachelle LeFevre get really high in New Moon.

The actress—who plays Victoria in the Twilight vampire film saga—reveals to Hit Fix that director Chris Weitz really ramped up her stunt work for the sequel, and it brought her to lofty heights indeed.

“I’m all in a harness. I’m 25 feet up most days,” LeFevre—who admits that she’s scared of heights—reveals. “There’s leaping off trees to the ground. There’s leaping up in the air from trees to other trees. I was about 40 feet up just hanging out looking like I was just kind of standing there.”

LeFevre adds that some of the scenes from the New Moon book have been expanded for the cinematic version. Such as her contact with werewolves.

“There’s like sort of a chase thing,” LeFevre spills. “In New Moon you know how Victoria is trying to penetrate to get into Bella and the wolves are protecting her and [in the book] they talked about how they chased Victoria here so you’re going to see [that play out onscreen].”

LeFevre further notes that the underwater scene has been expanded from the page to better fit the big screen.

“It’s just a little more because it has to be visual because you can’t just do pages of description of Bella’s feeling of impending doom and the flash in the water,” LeFevre offers. “So, they’re actually going to show a little more of my trying to get to her in the water.”

And just how close does Victoria get to Bella?

“Put it this way, not close enough that…she lives, so not close enough,” says LeFevre.

Tell us in the comments section: Are you excited to see how New Moon translates from the page to the screen when it’s released in November?