Daniel Radcliffe Has a Girlfriend!

Daniel Radcliffe Has a Girlfriend!-photo

Sorry ladies, this one's taken!

While Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is apparently quite romantic and loves ladies of all ages, he has finally revealed that he has a girlfriend, according to OK! Magazine.

The lucky lady? His Equus co-star Laura O’Toole. The two dated back in 2007 and supposedly had broken up, but that was just a straight-up lie!

Dan explains, "My girlfriend is Laura O’Toole, and she was in Equus with me. But I don’t really want to talk about that, because she’s not here and it’s not fair."

What a lucky lady!



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  • kaumadhi

    why can't she find a attractive nice girlfriend who MATCHES HIM???????

  • Laney Blair
    Laney Blair

    Please be my boy friend! I love you! I've read all the harry potter books and act like the girl characters! PLEASE!!! Besides the boy that I let play Harry I love so I play ginny most of the time!

  • Laura O'toole
    Laura O'toole

    [quote=Daniel Radcliffe]Love you, baby![/ U R ON!?!?!?! YES!!!!!!!!

  • Laura O'toole
    Laura O'toole

    [quote=Daniel Radcliffe]Love you, baby! Love ya!! Hey you should tell them..you know...

  • Bethany Stephenson
    Bethany Stephenson

    daniel radciffe is an amazing actor. it doesnt matter is hes gay straight or bi each to there own i wish him all the best x

  • Daniel Radcliffe
    Daniel Radcliffe

    Love you, baby!

  • Daniel Radcliffe
    Daniel Radcliffe

    [quote=Laura O'Toole]I'm writing this while k;lds having ie sex withofk kdanny That did feel amazing.

  • Laura O'Toole
    Laura O'Toole

    I'm writing this while k;lds having ie sex withofk kdanny

  • Laura O'Toole
    Laura O'Toole

    Thanks Danny! :)

  • Jessie

    They've split up now - however he has a new girlfriend, also called Laura who he met on the harry potter set.

  • Geetika

    Daniel, I love you. from your loving girlfriend Geetika.

  • geetika

    Dan, you can be my boyfriend. If you want to see me come to India. You are so cool. bye, I love you. from your loving girlfriend geetika

  • guest

    I like his eyebrows just like they are, actually I love everything about him.

  • Guest

    The Laura O´Tool thing is just to cover the true, is so obvious.

  • :)

    I´m quite sure Dan is Gay or Bi, I can bet on that ;)

  • katie

    u need to wax your eyebrows... But its ok i still love you!!!

  • lesliel

    Ah, he's English, don't you know there's all bi? Kinky Brits!

  • Heather

    With the donation to The trevor Project and all the talk about homosexuality....I swear, he`s coming out as bi soon

  • Heather

    He`s certainly bi...without a doubt

  • mauli

    ofcourse he's straight

  • lilly

    she's not pretty good 4 dan!!!!!!!and people 4 heavens sake he's not gay................he luves ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • me

    His girlfriend is one LUCKY woman! I wish I could marry Dan! He's so awesome and so sexy!!

  • Shadow

    No comment!! he all the time says that he's single!! I don't believe this news....

  • ann

    Holdon a sec. He said he was single in the last few interviews. Something is definitely not right here.

  • melux

    I thought he was gay.

  • Whatever

    my god, what made him crawl back to her?

  • Jonathan5248

    hahaha... This is stupid.... I mean, Dan is OBVIOUSLY gay... or bisexual, any of them, but he definitely not straight...

  • layla

    i was under the impression that they were broken up. and when has OK! magazine been a reliable source?

  • Al

    does he like girls? Manba! Your question is vary strange! Obviosly he likes girls! He IS NOT a gey!!!

  • gothichick

    oh dan you could be doing SO MUCH better

  • Manba

    does he like girls?

  • rob

    Laura O’Toole is kinda homely for an actress... what an odd pair.

  • reneelucky7

    And why is this shocking news?

  • haywood, jablome
    haywood, jablome

    funny because he said in a few recent interviews that he's single...weird