Fame Has Made Robert Pattinson "Introverted," Says Twilight Co-Star

Fame Has Made Robert Pattinson

Despite whatever rumors might have made their way onto the Internet, fame has not turned Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson into a world-class womanizer.

In fact, his Twilight co-star Christian Serratos tells OK! Magazine, his newfound notoriety has had quite the opposite effect on the 23-year-old actor.

"If anything he’s become more humble and more introverted," says Serratos, who plays Bella Swan's school buddy Angela Weber in the vampire film series.

Well, that sort of thing is bound to happen to a fella, when his fans cause him to nearly get run over by a cab.

As for the rumors that Pattinson has found true love with his castmate Kristen Stewart, Serratos says...well, she says that she's not sure what's up with that.

“I truly don’t know, I don’t know. There is a possibility," Serratos hedges. "There’s a possibility that it’s all BS, I just don’t know. It’s going to be interesting finding out either way."

That is, if R-Pattz ever comes out of his shell long enough to led the world know what's up with his love life.

Readers, let us know in the comments section: Do you think fame will turn Robert Pattinson into a recluse?



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  • BrownUniversity2011

    1. Get a Life 2. Who Cares 3. He's ugly There's no need to go on a tangent about some dude. And if the little tweenie boopers bug you that much, go to the red light district, wait for Rob to hop out and get some loving. I'm sure he'd pay top dollar for you.

  • BrownUniversity2011

    That's the price of fame. If you can' take the heat leave the millions and step out of the kitchen.

  • Scott

    I have seen this much for myself, sorry but if you are going to claim to know facts, you need to fess up who you are and how you know. As in "My name is X and I am Kristen's best friend, Rob's sister, whatever". otherwise you are just a poser who could be lying to look good.

  • Lucas

    i just love that so many folks are taking the I don't know to be "well yeah, they are, but I don't want them to get mad at me for outing them so i'm just going to say maybe they are, maybe they aren't (wink, wink)" guess what. maybe they aren't. maybe they are good friends that hang out and just happen to be of the opposite sex. just because they are a couple on screens, just because they hang out, just because they might hug each other in public, doesn't mean they are madly in love and soulmates and all that crap. oh and just cause they are in a movie doesn't give anyone the right to demand the truth. they still deserve some privacy.

  • judi

    briseis, iam sure i didnt read your comment about rob selling his soul to the devil right,kinda of difficult to make that judgement,unless your god. shoulnt judge people, he just a kid trying to have a career. we love you rob

  • kathy415

    None of us know what's in the love department for either of these people (Rob or Kristen). If it's to be it will be so leave it alone. As for poor Rob - he chose the path he's on. We didn't chose it for him and like it or not that's what goes with the territory. People will have there nose in your business for the rest of your life, enbrace it, deal with it, don't run from it. Rob your a big boy get on with your life and don't let the gossip stop you from being all that you can be. You can do.

  • Briseis

    in some way its his own fault... he sold his soul for hollywood! OK i think he couldnt imagine amd estimate the success of Twilight--- Either way he signed the contract which includes paps, fans, gossip & a fish bowle life

  • reneelucky7

    When I think about someone being "introverted", I think about my mom, she does not like talking to people- she hates people and being around them, she rather sit in her big ass house alone- If she was born in this generation- she would be a gothic type- because she is has a dark personality.

  • lynds

    Yes, I really don't think he likes being in the spotlight. I mean I really think he was happy just kind of being a starving actor. But really he's taking it all quite well, and he does love his fans, they just freak him out sometimes. He's a very nice guy.

  • NicoleR

    Evie, girl, are you living in a rabbit hole or are you here with the rest of us in reality? do you want your RPat to stay single because you think you have a chance with him? If so that is just MAD. . Sry but its 100% crazzzzzy if you think u really have a chance with a 23 y.o. mega-celebrity who already has a girlfriend. Better get reacquainted with the Real World, hon. 1 First off, Rob doesn't "date." If you really think you know him so well, then you know that much. He doesn't date. He hooks up or he goes with someone exclusively. Which is what he's got going with Kristen right now. He is a one-girl guy. Sure he might hook up now and then -- random chicks that just happen to be there, clinging like crazy glue. But his real love is Kristen. Now do you girls want your RPat to stay single because you think you have a chance with him? If so that is just MAD. Time to climb up from your rabbit holes and see the world as it is, not as you want it to be in your (*amazing) 13 year old imaginations. Sry but its just crazzzzzy if you girls think u really have a chance with a 23 y.o. mega-celebrity who already has a girlfriend. Get used to it kids.. Your dreamboy has been taken off the market. fdd

  • Jackie

    I think the fans need to BACK OFF Robert so that he can live his life and do his job. He's not your property people...he's a person with feelings just like you and me. As far as the issue with him and Kristen go, I hope they are a couple because I've never seem two people with more chemistry on or off screen. Just look at the way they look at each other. As far as the rumors about other women go, I have no doubt there's some truth in it. People are putting too much pressure on them and plus it's a great way to cover up what's really going on.

  • An

    I have seen this much for myself, Kris loves Rob and he loves her. But, Rob seems to have a problem with this long distance issue and all the gossip magazines that won't leave them alone. It's true enough that Rob has a problem with seeming to fall for all these girls and Kris is getting fed up. She's not the one cheating but she's getting all the hate mail. How's that fair! She loves him and wants him to make up his mind and stop playing around with her heart. I think everyone needs to leave them alone so they can work this out. They truly love each other but you're putting too muck pressure on them.

  • twilightobsessed

    finally someone says the friggin' truth. i was so sick of all the bullsh*t aout rob..you know..all the womanizer shizz...that's soo not true, and i always knew that. now about the robsten thing, i thnk she didn't want to say yes but sh edidn't want to say no..like the i don't know maybe mean ''i truly don't know if i should tel the truth or not, they could get mad''...haha. i really hope they a re dating..i think it's pretty obvious, like kristen is obviosuly not with oregano anymore and they were seen together a day before robbie went to NYC at a hotel, and they can't say it was 'cause they're friends because ashley or kellan were not there. so i think they're together, butu they won't admit it 'til it becomes way too obvious, maybe a pic of them kissing..idk, but i think they ARE TOGETHER, i didn't want to believe it because they always deny it, but ever since i saw those photos, i'm pretty sure they are but more than being sure i really hope i'm right..haha. TEAM EDWARD, RPATTZ & ROBSTEN.

  • lee

    Good to here someone finally defending his character. He's not a womanizer and most likely ( sorry fangirls) is with Kristen. They make a cute couple leave them alone.

  • marystat

    OK I meant to say aren't the paps and gossip sites like THIS one to blame as well as some hysterical fans? Yes you are.

  • marystat

    "Well, that sort of thing is bound to happen to a fella, when his fans cause him to nearly get run over by a cab." And again fans only get the blame? What about the paps hounding him constantly wherever he goes? They are not to blame, gossip sites like celebuzz aren't to blame cos YOU buy the paps' pics! So don't point the finger at fans only here, look at yourselves as well! YOU guys aren't helping either

  • reneelucky7

    As rich and famous as he is- I feel sorry for him too. Men are jealous and spiteful of the fact that he is attractive and famous, and women are chasing him around in a stalker type fashion. Normal people take for granted their privacy- where as movie stars live their lives in a fish bowl. Everyone looking in constantly can wear even the strongest person down.

  • FRESHMAN!! 09'
    FRESHMAN!! 09'

    Poor Rob. In an Interview he said that he just felt like crying his eyes ouy because of the fans. I feel too sorry for him. Hopefully the crazy teens will simmer down and let the man be. Give him a beak people! Next thing you know they will drive him insane (literally) SIMMER DOWN!

  • Evie

    I dont think he's with Kristen... I think all that is pure publicity. They're closer friends that's all. Stop inventing things that doesnt happen!!

  • lahe27

    i soooo hope that they are together! they would be a great couple! so who knows what is going to happen! apparently nobody really knows because his co star doesn't know, but maybe she's just bsing!

  • lizbizz11

    Huh. This gives me no more NEW information.