Harry Potter Actor Gets Community Service for Pot Charges

Harry Potter Actor Gets Community Service for Pot Charges-photo

Jamie Waylett got a pretty good 20th birthday present today. 

E! Online reports that Waylett, who plays Harry Potter bully Vincent Crabbe, has received 120 hours of community service after pleading guilty to growing marijuana in his mother's home.

The actor, who coincidentally turned the big 2-0 on Tuesday, was initially arrested in April and faced up to 14 years in jail. However, during a hearing, a judge determined that Waylett's pot cultivation was "small scale" and he had already expressed remorse for growing the weed.

"I give you credit for pleading guilty at the earliest opportunity, your cooperation with police and the fact that you are, until now, a man of good character," the judge told Waylett during the hearing.

Outside the courthouse, Waylett further expressed his remorse for the incident, stating, "I extend my sincere apologies to the producers, cast and crew and all at Warners and most especially to all Harry Potter fans."

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think that 120 hours of community service is a fair sentence, or was Waylett given preferential treatment because he's in show-biz?



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  • Giovanna Christensen
    Giovanna Christensen

    probably growing it to give it to Harry Pot-ter!!!

  • hmmmmmm

    I don't know what the exact laws are concerning marijuana in the UK compared to the US.....so I don't know if he was given preferential treatment because of his "stardom". I am sure he had a good lawyer. I mean, really........the cops busted him over some PICTURES of pot on his camera?????? WTF????? Any decent lawyer, I would think, could get you at the very LEAST community service and probation if you had never been in trouble before. Do I think his treatment was fair or unfair? I think it was fair considering the circumstances in which he was "caught".

  • Jessica

    Thats BS! If that were me I would be in jail now. THAT IS JUST NOT FAIR. HIS MOTHER TOO SHOULD BE BROUGHT UP ON CHARGES.

  • gothichick

    big HP fan here, but wow


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