Mischa Barton May Be Replaced in 'Beautiful Life'

Mischa Barton May Be Replaced in 'Beautiful Life'-photo

Before Mischa Barton hit a big personal roadblock last week, she had big plans for the fall.

The former OC actress was hoping to make her big comeback in the CW's new show The Beautiful Life. However, the actress is a little unavailable at the moment, seeing that she is reportedly residing at a Los Angeles psych ward for undisclosed "medical" reasons.

The show was set to start filming on July 22, but has been pushed back a week. Apparently it's not because of Barton. A spokesperson for The CW explained that the show's sets were not ready for the actors to arrive yet. Right...

For now, producers have turned to Plan B, according to EW.com. Mischa's supermodel character will not be entirely replaced, but augmented with a new female character, tentatively named Jane, who would have a similar plotline to Barton's experienced supermodel, Sonja Stone. Casting is currently underway in order to make the show's July 21 start.

It is still unknown whether or not Mischa will be able to fulfill her duties on the show.

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  • jmarcs

    the most impotant thing. What does impotence have to do with Mischa Barton? That's just gross. Plus...your spelling needs a little work.

  • theultimatewarrior

    wear the diamonds that I wear don't lie -- those diamonds aren't real.

  • reneelucky7

    It really pisses me off that these stars take work for granted. They forgot the time that they were "normal" people wishing and dreaming of the day that they would become famous. But now that they are famous- they f*ck up over and over and over again, and forget what is the most impotant thing- which is working- bringing home that fat paycheck and living your life to the fullest. There is a saying "If you don't work- then you don't eat". I wear the clothes that I wear, wear the diamonds that I wear, eat at the resturants that I eat, drive the car that I drive and live in the house that I live and type of the labtop that I type on because my guy and I work. If you don't work- then you don't eat. I think it is lame to be living any other way.