Nicolas Cage In Talks For 'Green Hornet'

Nicolas Cage In Talks For 'Green Hornet'-photo

The Green Hornet is going to happen!

According to Variety, Columbia Pictures is in early talks with Nicolas Cage to play the gangster villain in The Green Hornet.

The movie, which is due out next summer, stars Seth Rogen as the masked crime-fighter. Cameron Diaz is already in negotations to play a reporter and love interest for Rogen, something that did not exist in the original TV series.

The film looked like it was in some trouble last week, when actor Stephen Chow left the movie. He was supposed to be playing the role of sidekick Kato (a role originated by Bruce Lee).

What do you think of the cast proposed cast of Rogen, Diaz, and Cage? Share your thoughts in the comments!



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  • reebsika

    he won an oscar 13 years ago, and ever since he's been whoring himself out to the biggest paycheck. he's become such a joke with his crap remakes and pointless sequels. 10 years ago i would respect as an actor, but now he's just paycheck acting. and the audience can tell. i'm so irritated when crap actors like him keep getting cast for the sake of a "big name" even though his resume is filled with junk. also, i guess the person who keeps casting him is the same person who keeps casting Cameron Diaz. i mean, wtf?

  • kyuubi

    who the f-ck keeps casting him in movies? hes the worst actor out there According to what, he is an Oscar winner?! And Keanu is far worse! And I respect Nic for not trying to whore himself for an Oscar in every movie he's in like Sean Penn

  • WTF?

    who the f-ck keeps casting him in movies? hes the worst actor out there