PHOTO GALLERY: Kim Kardashian Is Lion to Us

Kim Kardashian hung out with some beastly creatures during her recent trip to Africa—and no, she didn’t reunite with her former BFF Paris Hilton.

Following a visit to the Leadership Academy—where tomorrow’s leaders are forged today—the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star headed to a cocktail party and dinner, where the host decided to welcome her with a couple of lion cubs. (What, a stiff martini wouldn’t have done the job?)

“I had never in my life gone to any dinner party like this!” Kim writes on her official site. “These cubs make the loudest roar but were so tiny and harmless! They’re brother and sister 10-week-old cubs. This was a dinner we will never forget!”

Tell us in the comments section: Who do you think is cuter, Kim or the lion cubs?