The Jonas Brothers Are Total Pigs

The Jonas Brothers Are Total Pigs-photo

The Jonas Brothers can so laugh at themselves these days.

Well, at least two of them.

Joe and Kevin Jonas covered up their pretty faces and dressed as pigs at their soundcheck before this weekend's concert at New York's Nassau Coliseum.

What about younger brother Nick? Who knows, maybe he was just being his shy, li'l old self.

The other bear to round out The 3 Little Pigs? Their saxophone player.

Looks like the boys are trying to have some fun while on their grueling tour schedule!

Have your say in the comments section: What should the brothers dress up as next?



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  • eloisa

    they look gorgeous, thats why i leve them sooooo much!!!!!!!!!

  • normal dude (not gay like'em)
    normal dude (not gay like'em)

    i think they more like mc. donald hitting his head with hummer so his turning into a dumb

  • elle

    i cant believe them thats sooo funny. maby they will dress up as peter pan, wendy, and tinkerbell. from fly with me.

  • Aly

    may be they made a bet or something and well Kev&Joe lost... haha but this just so funny! love 'em

  • unknown

    the jonas brothers suck

  • ben

    do you think they stick each other with their pig dics, i cant believe they have any talant

  • ben

    they should dress up as duesch bags thats what they are close to

  • mfo

    How did these no-talent, no personality, ugly "boys" get where they are? Their parents and agents should get major awards in marketing. Two of the three of them look like girls. The industry just picked the next 'teen heart throbs' and literally made them stars. They would failed so miserable on American Idol if they had to go the route of being talented.

  • bob

    they have a failure to cummunicate they dress like woman 3 weirdos very strange guys i would not pay to see them i rather drink my beer or 200 dollar glass of wine then see these 3 idiots i can not stand them and as of now i will not eat burger king cause they are with them for now having there face on food items

  • real man
    real man

    The jonas brothers are 3 weirdos. Just 3 fags with alot of money. They dress like woman young hot woman wear tight jeans what do we have 3 fags with tight pants equals 3 idiots weirdos wearing womans clothes real men do not wear tight jeans they probably sweat in the jeans so they are real pigs nasty

  • Alexis

    i luv the jonas brothers!!!! im goin 2 their concert!!!!! no matter what they do they r still totally hott!

  • Addy

    they rock

  • Erik

    Pigs, dogs and Pretty male-deprecating things to dress up as. Though the fairy thing may be a little closer to truth. Heyo!

  • tork

    they should dress up as condoms. Single use cum bags

  • Dulaney

    They should dress up as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy! Since they are with Disney!

  • Meg

    It would be pretty funny if they dressed up as girls. Or fairies.

  • Hannah

    I love the jonas brothers to death! There so cute. Next they should dress up as dogs! lol. How cute would that be!

  • Layli

    hahahahahaha! totally, Jen!

  • jen

    OMG lol! this is why I love them!