DEA Raids Office of Michael Jackson's Doctor

DEA Raids Office of Michael Jackson's Doctor-photo

Agents from the federal Drug Enforcement Administration and Los Angeles Police Department detectives raided the Houston, Texas, office of Dr. Conrad Murray, who treated deceased singer Michael Jackson, on Wednesday morning.

A search warrant was obtained based on the results of Jackson's autopsy, which showed potentially lethal traces of the anesthetic Propofol.



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  • jen

    Interesting.......O.J. was never charged, and unless you were'nt born or could have cared less, it is still all about the RACE CARD. I am sure this guy will get off too and then he and O.J. can take a house down Mexico way. and live happily ever after. With all the drugs, they should have a grand ole' time together.....LOSERS

  • reneelucky7

    Someone is going down for his death. When you have the Feds looking at you- then you know that you are in deep trouble.