Jessica Simpson Still Isn’t Happy

Jessica Simpson doesn’t like being single.

Despite putting on a happy face while out with girlfriends over the weekend, the 29-year-old singer isn’t taking her breakup with football player Tony Romo all that well.

Tony seems to be loving the single life, going out drinking with his buddies and high-rolling at the casino. However, Jess, who once called Tony “the love of my life,” isn’t doing so hot.

A Simpson family friend tells People, “She’s a little depressed.”

“She takes breakups really badly,” adds another source close to Jessica. “She has a hard time letting go.” As you may recall, Jessica’s divorce from Nick Lachey was very trying on her as well.

Her parents “encourage her to go out and have a good time, like she did this week,” however, Jessica often “feels she’s being judged by the world and opts to hide out at home,” says the friend. “The family feels bad for Jessica. They worry for her a lot.”

What Jess needs is a rebound. Who should the lucky guy be? Share your ideas in the comments!