'Kendra' Gets Picked Up For Another Season!

'Kendra' Gets Picked Up For Another Season!-photo

We just can't get enough of her!

Kendra Wilkinson's hit reality show on E!, Kendra, has been picked up for a second season. The series, which broke ratings history when it debuted in June, tracks the former Hugh Hefner girlfriend's new life with her hubby, Philadelphia Eagles football star Hank Baskett.

In addition to the new season, two specials will air in December, which is coincidentally around the same time her baby is due and when the busty blonde plans to move to New Jersey to be closer to her husband.

Kendra and Hank don't want their show to focus on their new baby, however. We know how that can turn out.

Share your opinion in the comments section: Are you super stoked for a new season of Kendra, or what?



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    can't wait. I see why the new girls next door tanked it was sorta like a one time thing no one can replace kendra she is sooo funny i hope they let us see them raise lil hank or it will not really be a show because right know thats her life. its no like shes octo-mom or jon & kate plus she hank are use to money

  • rg

    I love her show... hope to see season 2 and more...

  • Clarissa James
    Clarissa James

    I can hardly wait to see her East coast house.