Megan Fox Puts the 'Fang' in 'Fangoria'

Megan Fox Puts the 'Fang' in 'Fangoria'-photo

Looking sharp, Megan Fox! At least as far as your teeth are concerned.

The Transformers beauty shows off a striking new look on cover of the latest issue of Fangoria, baring her bloody fangs to promote her upcoming horror flick, Jennifer's Body. In the film—which hits theaters on September 18—Fox plays a possessed high-school cheerleader.

Hope the make-up artists cleaned Megan up before sending her back to her boyfriend Brian Austin Green.

Let us know in the comments section: Are you planning to see Jennifer's Body when it comes out, or do you think it will really bite?



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  • Lyn

    This is a horrible pic to promote the movie. Shes supposed to be this evil possesed girl but in the photo you dont see any emotion in her face at all, just looking at the photo she looks like shes thinking hurry up and take the damn photo so i can get this crap out of my mouth. I like Megan Fox dont get me wrong but the girl has a lot of work to do on her acting abilities.


    hell yess im watching this movie there is no1 HOTTER IN THIS PLANET THAN MEGAN FOX I DONT EVEN CARE WHAT THE MOVIE IS ABOUT