PHOTO GALLERY: Katie Holmes and Suri Play in Australia

Oh, Miss Suri Cruise, how we've missed you so!

The head tot in charge was spotted in Melbourne, Australia, hanging out with mom Katie Holmes on the set of her new movie Don't Be Afraid of the Dark.

We're absolutely loving the laid-back look on our girl Suri. The pink tights and over-sized sweater are totally cute.

Check out our huge gallery of Suri and Katie exploring the Australian wilderness. Be careful, ladies!



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  • Donna Ramos
    Donna Ramos

    i love suri cruise shes so cute and adorable

  • reneelucky7

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  • Annabel Lee
    Annabel Lee

    Nice to see Suri has finally learned how to wear pants and a coat. Katie looks like a bag lady.

  • STFU

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  • reneelucky7

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  • reneelucky7

    Katie Homeless