Sienna Miller Is a Pants-Wetter

Someone contact the Depends people—we may have a celebrity endorsement for them!

Sienna Miller was on the HMS Belfast, promoting her latest flick G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra in London on Wednesday, and from the looks of things she sat on a wet surface on the boat.

Poor dear.

In related news, Sienna got her panties in a twist during a recent interview with Australian radio station Fox FM, according to OK! Magazine.

When asked about her somewhat controversial relationship with actor Balthazar Getty, Miller flew off the handle, telling the interviewer to “p*ss off” and fuming, “You’ve called us scrags, b*tches, knocked-up. We are not here to talk about him [Getty]. But, yes, I know him and everything is good, thank you…What a scoop! Congratulations! You are really, really clever!”

Calm down, honey, or you’re likely to wet yourself for real.