More ‘New Moon’ Scoop From Comic-Con!

We can’t get enough of Comic-Con!

This morning, we learned that Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart wouldn’t be addressing the Robsten rumors, but we did get other New Moon tidbits such as the sad reality that Rob won’t be singing on the soundtrack and that there will be tons of action in the upcoming flick.

The cast just spoke at another press conference, answering fan questions and looking hot as can be!

Our favorite deets? Taylor Lautner said that it was difficult filming New Moon in Vancouver because it was cold and he was…wait for it….not wearing many clothes. This was met with many cheers from the crowd.

The cast was also asked about what they were looking forward to filming. Taylor-the sleeping bag scene. Kristen-being pregnant. Rob-the C-section. Ha, he would!

We also learned from director Chris Weitz that the New Moon cast took their job very seriously. But, fortunately, there were minor injuries! He explained, “Kristen hurt her ankle, but there were no deaths. I’m proud that there were no deaths… I wish I could tell you more exciting stories of injuries. I will tell you that Taylor did every single stunt he could get his hands on, except the ones the insurance companies said he couldn’t do.”

Perhaps the most exciting part of the panel was two new clips that were seen for the very first time!

The first shows Jacob teaching Bella to ride a motorcycle. Plus, a ghostly Edward (as the voice in her head) makes an appearance as she rides. Bella crashes the bike, and then it gets good: Jacob plays nurse and takes his shirt off (revealing some absolutely amazing abs!).

The second clip provides ever more jaw-dropping action. This scene shows Alice and Bella racing to save Edward as he prepares to face the Volturi in Italy. It also shows Edward slowly unbuttoning his shirt, preparing to face the sunlight….when the clip cuts to “NEW MOON.”

So many goodies!

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