New Moon Fashion: Coming Soon to a Store Near You!

Finally there’s a way to get closer to our favorite vampire and look fabulous doing it.

The New Moon clothing line being launched by Nordstrom promises to satisfy our vampire cravings.

We can’t wait to sink our claws into some of these graphic tees with messages like “Bet You Can’t Read My Mind,” “Forks High School,” and our personal favorites, “Team Edward” and “Team Jacob.”

Wonder which shirt Kristen Stewart would wear?

The clothing line set to debut in department stores in October also offers jewelry (such as a Cullen crest necklace), jackets and dresses.

Good thing the clothing line comes out before the November release of New Moon! You can fall in love with Edward all over again while rocking these New Moon-inspired outfits.

Tell us in the comments section: Which shirt would you rock—”Team Edward” or “Team Jacob”?