Kendra Wilkinson Talks Family Matters

Former Girls Next Door girl Kendra Wilkinson has once again faced off with cranky celebrity blog What Would Tyler Durden Do on matters of the heart—this time, on the subject of when it’s appropriate to introduce your significant other to your family.

According to tart-tongued WWTDD blogger Brendon, it’s probably best to avoid meeting your partner’s parents altogether, but if it must be done, proper preparation is in order.

“If I’ve dated the girl for more than a few months, I’ve almost definitely spun some intricate web of lies that I now must either admit to (no) or dance around all night (yes),” he writes. “If the wrong topic comes up, you’re gonna have to change the subject fast.  A good idea is to either start a fire or fake your own death. Go with fire because with death you have to flail around and stuff. For fire, all you have to do is order a double vodka straight up and keep it near the candle.”

Wilkinson, it seems, prefers a different approach.

After advising Brendon to “stop hitting the bottle before noon,” Kendra offers her own take on subject via her official Web site.

“Introduce your significant other to your family and friends when U feel comfortable doing so!!! ” Wilkinson suggests. “I mean, I’m sure it wasn’t the easiest thing for [Wilkinson’s husband] Hank [Baskett] to bring a playmate home to mom and dad hahahaha. But we felt comfortable with each other almost right away, so it didn’t take long before I met his fam, or before he met mine.”

Kendra does, however, suggest not being too eager to make the introductions.

“I wouldn’t recommend trying to introduce your new man or woman to the family after the second date though,” Wilkinson suggests, “because that will probably just send that person bolting for the door!”

Now she tells us?

Tell us in the comments section: Whose suggestions do you think make more sense?