Megan Fox Wants to Taste Zac Efron

Somebody put Vanessa Hudgens on high alert!

Transformers vixen Megan Fox was at Comic-Con in San Diego on Thursday to promote her horror flick Jennifer's Body, and while she was there she told Access Hollywood that she wouldn't mind getting a taste of Hudgens' boyfriend, Zac Efron.

Asked who she'd like to take a bite out of in real life (as opposed to in her role as a man-eater in Jennifer's Body), Fox's response was quick and decisive.

"Zac Efron," Fox shot back. "I think he'd taste like a strawberry cupcake."

Check out our massive gallery of Megan at Comic-Con and let us know in the comments section: Do you think Fox and Efron would make a good couple?



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    Megan Fox is hot, but if i am Zac i'm gonna stick with Vanessa,she's hot too!who says no?!

  • lil shia
    lil shia

    well i believe megan fox look way better than vanessa and they would make a pretty a couple nd look whats going on after that lick tasting compliment zac already taken megan out to dinner so face it if can choose i would choose megan nd zac

  • gbmoon

    shes makin those scary faces cuz isnt she supose to be a demon in that jennifers body movie??

  • zac... ohhhh god!!!!
    zac... ohhhh god!!!!

    i wanna taste him sooooo bad!!!! i would think it was heaven!!!!!!vanessa is better for him than megan too.

  • tina

    WTF??? she looks retarded! stop making faces you silly girl. this isnt myspace! grow up! she is normal like all of us, who are you to tell her not to do this and that?

  • fran

    zanessa rocks and megan fox is just showing that she's a slut i still think she's very pretty but HEY! zac's with vanessa ;)

  • guiltypleasurexo

    she's tryin to get attention by liking someone's else's guy isn't she the one who a coupl of months ago said she wanted nothing to do with 'childish' boys like Zac Efron, saying he was too much of a young boy for her to have a crush on leave zac and vanessa alone

  • nobody knows me
    nobody knows me

    Megan is soooooo crazy zac and vanessa are going to be toether forever and if megan going to mess it up im going to kick megans fat big ass oh yeah I HATE MEGAN BITCH I LOVE ZANESSA FOREVER sorry but thats the truth um!!!!!!!

  • Nijah R.
    Nijah R.

    haha i think its pretty funny. besides if you guys think about it, there is a possibility that megan and zac are just friends and she's just joking around with that comment. this is a celebrity website. their title definitely twists and turns your thoughts on the comment...duh...who seriously says a guy would taste like strawberry cupcakes. ha! FUN!-NE

  • LaLa

    Yea Zac is with the right girl i don't think Megan would be good for him

  • Jonathan5248

    Damn She's HOT!!!!! A perfect face!!! I think she can be the next Angelina Jolie....

  • Jai

    she very very pretty, but she has had alot of work done to her face shes still pretty young...

  • RichGirlxOx

    I LOVE those heels omg!I tink i gotta a pair lyk dem..

  • ShiaLover

    I tink shes beautiful but i dnt like goth on her. I tink shes just wearing it cos of the theme of the movie.

  • reneelucky7

    Both of you faceless losers talk about how ugly Megan Fox is, but what do you fugly bitches look like.Megan Fox was voted one of the most sexiest woman in the world. If you are going to make comments about the way people look on here, then you need to post a picture of your self on your profile. Instead of hiding and making smart ass remarks like a scared punk.

  • Mariyam

    Okay seriously I agree, she looks horrible here! I mean she looks effing old like she's 35! Also zoom into the lower left side of the photo .. echhhh .. 0_o

  • Dale

    this gurl used 2 b pretty... then she let it get 2 her head n now i think shes so ugly.... especially with all that dramatic make-up... its so nasty!!

  • Ada

    Fingertips oh My God! She is ugly... I don't know why people thinks that she is beautiful... she is ugly !

  • Al pelaez
    Al pelaez

    Cheating Zac

  • Ixa

    what is wrong with her? Is she mentally unstable. the more time passes, the more surgery she gets and botox, she will eventually look like a mannequin. Why can't people just leave natural beauty alone. I hope Kristen Stewart says with her natural beauty.

  • Kayla

    I totally agree with TAY TAY cuz megan fox is really goregous, but she is always on zac efrons sac. she really needs to sac off cuz zac obviously is still in love with his long term girlfriend vanessa hudgens, who is also very goregous too. TAY TAY is also right about megan fox and shia labeouf cuz they are a really sexy couple. But seriously megan fox dose need to kick back and let zac be with girl. zanessa forever!

  • tay tay
    tay tay

    dude i like megan fox and all, but it always seems as though she wanrs to still zac from vannesa. i still think that her and shia labeouf she date but that is just what i think. b ut she really needs kick back and give it a rest, cuz zac is in love. if he wanted megan he would have already dumped vanesssa who he has dated for like 5 YEARS. i doute that megan will steal him pluss vanessa is also very goregous.

  • vic

    why did she keep making these faces? anyway,she's gorgeous. obviously she's had some work done,but nonetheless she is absolutely stunning. i don't think this pale look with the black her is the most flattering for her though!

  • Fern

    Hm... strawberry shortcake... I'm thinking root beer float. Lets leave zac and vanessa alone, I'll bite (no pun intended) the bullet and take fox with me...

  • lynzaa

    she obviously wasn't paying any sort of compliment to him in saying this. She was mocking him for being a squeaky clean douche bag. i see your logic and i get it. i totally could see that.....hmmm. still bitchy of her though. stiiiiill bitchy. pretty bitchy....yeah.

  • lynzaa

    If i was Vanessa(whats her last name?), i would be wanting to kick this girl, Megan Fox's ass. He's SO spoken for and she is ALWAYS saying that she wants him. I'd be pissed. Besides, he seems so......G rated, that i dont think that he would be able to handle a WOMAN. whatever.

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom

    agree with moi. She has stated she hates the guy

  • LAG

    She was probably just playing.

  • Bicu

    8O i am afraid...hahaha


    Zanessa always and he with Megan can not and will not couple !

  • dana

    oh please, yeah she is dumb, but dont get me with, "oh she doesn´t look good, this is a ridiculous coment, the girl is gorgeus and she always look good...

  • Lili

    Belle MAIS trop superficielle et en plus elle copie le style d'Angelina Jolie..C'est pas bien :)

  • meganleigh

    Is she trying out to be a cullen here :L Haa!

  • meganleigh


  • antonija

    why we talk about it?? gosh... Megan is very,very atractive person but that is all what she is...and that´s not what he was/ is looking for... he can have more than just pretty face ...and its Vanessa Hudgens...

  • Anne

    They would be a terrible couple. Zac and Vanessa is sooooo much better

  • Leslie

    Yummy. I want to taste Zac Efron also. I want to lick him from head to toe, all over his body. Oh yes.

  • allie

    they would be terrible because i 100% love zac and 100% dislike megan. definitely no.

  • hmm

    guess this question is best left up to Zac. But from all appearences he seems to have made it pretty clear who his choice is. Can't say I blame him, Vanessa seems to be a good match for him.

  • yep

    I agree with sjk. Megan Fox is just trying to stir controversy so Vanessa will get mad and break up with Zac. But everyone knows that Zac is faithful to Vanessa. So it wont happen.

  • sjk

    Zac is with right girl, Vanessa. I think Megan just sees him as a nice guy and loves to see how much controversy she can stir up. Her best bet is to stick with Brian Austin Green

  • moi

    she obviously wasn't paying any sort of compliment to him in saying this. She was mocking him for being a squeaky clean douche bag.

  • Callie

    I actually think that they would be a good couple! A much better couple than Zac is with what's her face.

  • Anonymous

    That smile scares me

  • noah

    She does not look good.