Michael Jackson’s Death Was Most Likely a Homicide, Doctor Being Investigated

Hmm; apparently, there was something to La Toya Jackson’s murder-conspiracy theories.

TMZ reports that sources in law enforcement say that Michael Jackson’s death in late June will “almost certainly” be considered a homicide once the Los Angeles County Coroner’s final autopsy report is released.

Though the autopsy results won’t be announced until next week, a draft report allegedly indicates that Jackson’s death was a homicide, and other “clear evidence” has ruled out causes other than homicide, such as natural, accidental, accidental overdose and suicide.

TMZ further reports that police have now officially opened a manslaughter investigation into Jackson’s death, targeting Jackson’s physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, who may have administered the powerful anaesthetic Propofol on the day he died.

Earlier this week agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Los Angeles Police Department raided Murray’s Houston office. On Wednesday, it was reported that potentially lethal traces of Propofol were found in Jackson’s system during his autopsy.