Michael Jackson’s ‘Other Son’ Is a Family Secret

Michael Jackson’s alleged secret son, Omer Bhatti, has long been recognized by Jackson family insiders, who have known about him since 1992 when he began to live at the Neverland Ranch, MSNBC reports. 

“One day at the (Neverland) ranch, Michael’s nephew Austin, (Jackson’s sister) Rebbie’s son, told his mom he just met a kid who called himself Michael J, but his name was Omer, and he was saying that Uncle Michael was his father,” a family friend said. “This was news to Rebbie, and she turned around and called (Jackson’s mother) Katherine, who had no knowledge of it either.”

It would seem that the Jacksons have made no attempt to conceal or promote Bhatti’s existence. For instance, he sat in the front row with the entire Jackson family at the memorial service for the deceased singer. “The family has been wondering how long it would take for this to get out,” says the source.

The real questions are still unanswered. Much like with Jackson’s other children, there is public doubt as to whether Bhatti is his biological child. Despite that, the Jackson family has accepted him for 17 years as one of their own.

“He looked so much like Michael, especially when he was younger. We have every reason to believe it’s his son,” stated a family insider who knows Bhatti personally. As for the identity of Bhatti’s mother, insider sources claim that the only information known to the Jackson family is that actress Elizabeth Taylor introduced Michael to her.

“The one woman who knows everything there is to know about Michael Jackson and where his children came from is Elizabeth Taylor,” a longtime family friend affirmed.

Now, it is a stretch, but as a Hollywood actress, Taylor probably introduced Michael to many a beauty queen from the movie scene. Could it be that Omer’s mother is…Billie Jean?!?

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