Paris Hilton Says Michael Jackson Named His Daughter After Her

Paris Hilton Says Michael Jackson Named His Daughter After Her-photo

As if the children of deceased King of Pop Michael Jackson haven't suffered enough already...

Celebutante Paris Hilton tells Extra that Jackson named his 11-year-old daughter after her.

"My mom and Michael went to high school together and they were best friends since they were 13," Hilton elaborates. "So I grew up knowing Michael very well and when he had his daughter, he always loved the name Paris and grew up being an uncle to me. So he asked my mom if it was okay and of course she said yes and I think she's such a beautiful little girl and I'm proud we have the same name."

Poor girl! Let's hope that's the only trait that Paris Jackson inherited from Hilton.



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  • Paris Sucks (literally)
    Paris Sucks (literally)

    Jen, shut up - you sound as useless as Paris. If you think the way she acts is ok then your opinion means nothing. Her parents did absolutely no parenting on Paris and should be shot for that. She's a self obsessed, useless waste of human being.

  • Kat

    Michael Jackson said in an interview that he was tutored for a couple of hours a day with no mention of attending high school, and that after his lessons he would be in the recording studio till late in the evenings or rehearsing for shows. He was busy writing songs about his childhood not living in it as Paris describes. Going to the same high school??? Really? Is that the same high school that all the paparazzi's kids attended just so they could be up close and personal to MJ?

  • Dimika Bozeman
    Dimika Bozeman

    I am just laughing at all of this and everybodies comments to these articles. Paris Hilton, I don't really know what to say about her. Once I wanted to say she was awful then I wanted to say she was pretty okay but I do know that this is another level of mess or everybody. I don't think she should have EVER put that out there whether it's true or not. What she fails to realize is that her doing that makes it seems as if she is wanting to grab attention off of something that is tragic. Had she put that out there while he was still alive then it wouldn't be so bad but this was just the wrong time to say anything that had anything to do with herself and that little girl.

  • neapin

    STFU Paris Hilton!!! Lazy eye MF! hahaha. seriously! total bullsh*t. Michael Jackson and his brothers were tutored privately starting from when MJ was in 5th grade because they kept getting mobbed by their fans/classmates. so there is no way he attended the same high school as her momz. i hope nobody ever reports about her again. just...go away, plz.

  • lili75

    What a flipping f**king idiot!!!! Paris Hilton needs to crawl back under the rock she surfaced from w/ her long Ichabod crane neck and size 11 ski feet. NOBODY is checking for her and Michael sure as HELL didn't name his daughter after this attention seeking reject. Please. The girl looks like an albino pelican...Paris HILTON...get a life!!!!!!

  • jen

    Jen: She's NEVER DONE ANYTHING PERIOD!!! She's a spoiled brat who is a moron and thinks she's hotter than she is! Get some tits! Eat a sandwich! AND STFU! now I know why you people hate, if you actualy do some googling once every now and then you would know that MANY people have said that shes a good person, and you jsut hate cause you can't stand the fact that your wrong. so why don't you shut up!

  • stage&screen

    What a self-obsessed idiot! Paris Jackson was named after the city where she was conceived, Paris France. Paris and her family were not as close as she's saying they were. Not as close as the Richies were. Paris Hilton needs to just go away, she's beyond useless.

  • Pris

    Is she silly?I think since Lionel Richie is good friend of MJ's n his daughter,Nichole Richie knows him,so,Ms.Hilton PROBABLY knows or may b juz had a met ,juz had once,met MJ. Of course we r not sure bout how MJ named his lovely daughter.But,i searched some info on Internet,he named her daughter Paris bcos she was born in France while MJ was having honeymoon v Rowe there.BUT i'm not sure is this truth?!But,no matter what,they r his children n they love each other,that's it!

  • Miranda

    Sorry didn't Michael and Debbie say that they named her Paris because she was concieved in Paris.

  • reneelucky7

    I hope this this little Paris does not grow up to be anything like Paris Hilton. Hilton is a spoiled brat whore that is famous for no reason. I have respect for her sister- because she did't ride on her parents coat tales, she made her own way in life and always conducted herself with class

  • cin

    Jen: She's NEVER DONE ANYTHING PERIOD!!! She's a spoiled brat who is a moron and thinks she's hotter than she is! Get some tits! Eat a sandwich! AND STFU!

  • cin

    STFU Paris Hilton!!! Lazy eye MF!

  • jen

    why is everyone saying such mean things about paris hilton, leave her alone for once! what did she ever do to you??? nothing, thats what!

  • Deborah Aldridge
    Deborah Aldridge

    Poor Paris Jackson. This is all she needs to contend with right now. I never EVER heard that they were friends. How could the press miss that? I'm thinking it's just another one of Paris Hilton's headline stealing lies.