VIDEO: Demi Lovato’s in a Metal Mood With Jimmy Fallon

Demi Lovato was really rocking out last night, but it wasn’t to the music on her latest album Here We Go Again.

The Sonny With a Chance star did a guest stint on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, and host Jimmy Fallon invited Demi to parody her series of YouTube videos with pal Selena Gomez.

The theme of the video? Demi and Jimmy rocking out to a thrashy version of the “Barney” theme, performed by Late Night house band the Roots. (One of Lovato’s first TV gigs, way back in 2004, was an episode of Barney & Friends.)

Check out the sweet, sweet head-banging action below:

Well, that was…something.

Let us know in the comments section: Based on the above video evidence, do you think Lovato and Fallon should become BFFs?