VIDEO: Katie Holmes Performs On 'SYTYCD'

Katie Holmes performed on last night's 100th episode of So You Think You Can Dance.

Tom Cruise's wife did an pre-recorded tribute to Judy Garland by singing and dancing to the classic song "Get Happy."

In the performance, which appeared to be lip-synched, Katie danced along with several back-up dancers in a short black number, fedora hat, and fire engine red lipstick. She looked stunning!

How do you think she did? Share your thoughts in the comments!



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  • Kim Green
    Kim Green

    I loved it!!!! Not sure why you all thought it was so bad. She is a stunnibgly gorgeous woman and I thought that she did a "happy" performance. It kept my attention and I smiled a clapped afterwards. Im not even a fan per se..well not at all, but I loved her preformance!!!!! Great job Katie. I liked the dancing and singing!

  • yazpistachio

    oh, look. a very weak audition for a road-show Roxy Hart.

  • Lisa

    I'm sorry, what was the point of this? She would never make it on Broadway. You need energy and have natural showmanship... She obviously doesn't have that. This woman needs to eat, she's practically skin and bones! Disgusting!

  • drcuddy

    Boring. She should be embarrassed to come on and do so little in front of the dancers that are kicking butt every week.

  • QC

    Not impressed either... not at all! Was she dancing??...

  • fioretto

    It was incredible for me ,i knew that Katty is a talented woman,but i always thought that she is so shy......maybe,but this new side of her is unexpectedly cool,i like and wonna to see what will be her next step !!

  • Lucky

    not impressed at all,,,

  • Viv

    She looked good and moved good. She'll be doing a movie musical soon.

  • reneelucky7

    Only time I "got happy" is when this video was over.

  • wisevalerie

    Katie: Did you get permission from Tom to perform...? I knew it was coming up but i switched channels to watch something else....needless to say I saw the short clip on Yahoo Primetime and yep...I didn't miss

  • reneelucky7

    Back up dancers can make an old cripple blind man with one leg look like a profesional entertainer. Not amused to say the least- looked like they were doing all the work.

  • reneelucky7