New Gosselin Girlfriend Kate Major Defends Herself

As the media criticism of her begins to grow, former Star reporter Kate Major, the new girlfriend of Jon Gosselin known infamously as Kate 2.0, has chosen to break her silence. 

“As a journalist, I get it,” she admits to E! Online. “I realize being in the public eye often means facing criticism and being a target of hurtful lies. It simply comes with the territory.”

After she hooked up with the recently divorced Gosselin, all hell broke loose in the tabloids. Since then, everyone has been saving their best one-liners for taking cracks at Majors.

By opening her mouth, she must know that it will cause a wave of retaliation.

Her message is simple: “I just want people to know that I am a nice and genuine person, and anyone who knows me knows that.”

Good luck with the next 24 hours.

Leave us your comments: Do you believe Kate Major is a nice and genuine person?