PHOTO GALLERY: Brooke Hogan On Stage

Look at her go!

Brooke Hogan dominated the stage at Opium Nightclub Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino on Saturday to celebrate the release of her new album, Redemption, which dropped on Tuesday.

Check out Brooke's sweet, sweet moves in our gallery and tell us in the comments section: How many copies of Redemption have you purchased so far?



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  • Squash

    Those skinny pants help a little but I would've pulled them up over the gut... :|

  • miyako

    omg she looks entirely drunen! at on the rest of these pic like mentally handicapped. haha shes so funny :)

  • scratness

    TRANNY ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha...agreed!

  • scratness

    she's like super old...the face of a 40 year old...nuff said.

  • scratness

    she looks so OLD!

  • Liraz

    TRANNY ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • reneelucky7

    Whoever took these photo must be shot. She looks stupid in most of them. With her mouth open like she taking a huge dump.

  • reneelucky7

    She looks like a retarded Playmate.

  • reneelucky7


  • the hulk
    the hulk

    she and kate hudson look somewhat a like

  • ames

    well i dont think shes singing live because thts hard to do when youre running around the stage dancing all the time but the album sounds fine

  • Ted

    She's talentless, with thighs of a monster.

  • tricia

    hello to all family high school musical im your no:1 fun

  • sin

    It is NEVER a good thing to do a close up on her face. Stick to her tits and ass. Those are in great shape. She looks way tooo much like her mom at 50 years old in the face.

  • sin

    I had the misfortune of hearing her "sing" before a concert. She sucks ass. She is barely tolerable when the music and back up singers try to drown her out. She did look good though. She had on appropriate clothes that mande her look like a female instead of a Tranny.


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