Scarlett Johansson Had a Black Widow “Freakout”

Most people—particularly guys—will no doubt appreciate Scarlett Johansson’s snug-n-sexy Black Widow costume in Iron Man 2.

The actress herself, however, had a few reservations about it.

“I did have a bit of a freakout moment,” Johansson admitted during a roundtable discussion at this year’s Comic-Con. “It was more seeing it. The costume took a while to build it obviously, but I saw some of the sketches. I knew what to expect because I had seen some of the later incarnations of the character. I knew that it was going to be some sort of catsuit of some kind. So I had a freakout moment, but that only lasted about half a day, and I said ‘Suck it up. You just gotta do it.'”

Despite her initial trepidation, however, ScarJo says that she’d be happy to don the outfit again, should her Black Widow character be reprised for future Iron Man installments.

Even better if the wardrobe designers manage to make some improvements between now and then.

“Maybe some slight flaws will have been worked out,” Johansson hopes. “Like maybe some ventilation.”

Funny, we’re having a little trouble breathing ourselves right about now.