VIDEO: Joe Jonas Busts Up Nick's Hand


During the Jonas Brothers' concert in Philadelphia on Friday night, Joe Jonas decided to give his brother Nick a helping hand on the drums.

Big mistake.

While trying to pound out a rhythm, Joe, brought down his drumstick on Nick's hand, resulting in a painful moment.

See, kids, that's why you leave drumming to the professionals.



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  • Nick is mineee
    Nick is mineee

    wow. you guys are all dumb! A: everybody makes mistakes. Joe didn't know he was going to hit his hand. and B: if you guys hate them so much, why are you watching their videos and looking them up just to find one of them to get hurt? well, they would probably be flattered because your STILL making them even more famous than they already are by searching them!!! hahaha, a search engine keeps track on how much something gets searched and all you Jonas Brother "haters" and actually doing them a favor!!!!!! :)

  • Amber

    Aw that sucks for both Nick and Joe - Nick because that obviously must have been EXTREMELY PAINFUL! I hit my hand lightly with a drumstick before and that hurt like hell. And Joe because he probably felt like a dick after he did that in front of thousands of ppl lol. I love them both. But Joe will always have a more special place in my heart haha... he replaced Nick a few months ago hehe. :)

  • notta fan
    notta fan

    joe just really shouldnt have done that. i mean, nick was the drummer, and joe was just messin around because he never really plays anything on stage. i think, once the buzz over the jobros dies down, nick and/or kevin will go solo. they both play instruments and sing really well.

  • jen

    soz, i didn;t mean to say stop mid song, i meant, they could just stop the whole thing. my bad

  • jen

    jeez people calm down! it was an accident, and the reason they made a little joke at the end is cause they couldn;t just stop mid song so they had to play it off. get a grip!

  • smashxitxsami

    See? This is what happens when the Jonas Brothers try to do live music. LOL! i love that!

  • karaa

    See? This is what happens when the Jonas Brothers try to do live music.

  • meggerz

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  • hispanicatthedisco

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  • as


  • megan

    What a dick Joe is—he totally jok es about it afterward! your the dick bitchh!!

  • hispanicatthedisco

    What a dick Joe is—he totally jokes about it afterward!

  • meggerz

    aww poor babyy,he's okay though