Jon Gosselin Is Worried What His Kids Will Think

Someone should tell Jon Gosselin that there’s no point in whining over spilled milk.

The Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad, who since splitting up with wife Kate Gosselin a little more than a month ago has sparked up a relationship with much-younger party girl Hailey Glassman and reportedly made sweet time with former Star reporter Kate Major, now says that he’s worried about what kind of impression he’s making on his  kids.

“It’s crazy,” Gosselin complains to “I don’t want [8-year-old twins] Mady and Cara Googling me, and I have to explain [a photo] and lose that trust between my children. No, it’s dumb. Or explain it to my ex, Kate. Or explain to anybody what’s going on.”

It’s probably a little too late to start worrying about that, Jon. But for future reference it might have helped your reputation if you hadn’t split from your wife. Or rushed into the arms of a bong-huffing wild child before your marriage could even grow cold.

Maybe Gosselin could trade in that motorcycle of his for a time machine?

Let us know in the comments section: Is it too late for Jon Gosselin to restore his reputation?