Jon Gosselin Is Worried What His Kids Will Think

Jon Gosselin Is Worried What His Kids Will Think-photo

Someone should tell Jon Gosselin that there's no point in whining over spilled milk.

The Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad, who since splitting up with wife Kate Gosselin a little more than a month ago has sparked up a relationship with much-younger party girl Hailey Glassman and reportedly made sweet time with former Star reporter Kate Major, now says that he's worried about what kind of impression he's making on his  kids.

"It's crazy," Gosselin complains to "I don't want [8-year-old twins] Mady and Cara Googling me, and I have to explain [a photo] and lose that trust between my children. No, it's dumb. Or explain it to my ex, Kate. Or explain to anybody what's going on."

It's probably a little too late to start worrying about that, Jon. But for future reference it might have helped your reputation if you hadn't split from your wife. Or rushed into the arms of a bong-huffing wild child before your marriage could even grow cold.

Maybe Gosselin could trade in that motorcycle of his for a time machine?

Let us know in the comments section: Is it too late for Jon Gosselin to restore his reputation?



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  • been there
    been there

    I believe in Karma, when it is his turn, we will hear how it feels for him to cry. but Kate will have healed and moved on also his kids will lose all respect for him. I hope that the low life girlfriend was worth it Jon!

  • anonymous

    God Dammit!!! How the hell is this manwhore famous???!!!!! why the f*ck should we care about a douchebag like jon gosselin? No one gives sh*t about him! (Anymore)

  • Sharlena Watson-Pough
    Sharlena Watson-Pough

    If only he didn't cheat on Kate in the FIRST place, he'll still be married 2 her. FIRST if he didn't like being treated like a kid, wouldn't he be talk something out with Kate and then maybe she can ease up a bit but no......what a disaster this turn out 2 be *sigh*

  • Sarah J.
    Sarah J.

    stop it jon is awesome atleast he cares about his kids some people don`t so you need to shut up your awesome jon OMG he's the lamest piece of sh*t there is! He's a f*ck head loser who fell into some money.

  • Evie L
    Evie L

    i think that it is ok for Jon to worry but i also think that he needs to spend more time with his kids and not let kate do it all and let her spank there kids in public

  • kt

    jon is a man whore and kate is insane. either way, therapy bills are in these kid's futures.

  • noah

    If I were Mady and Cara and I would be more ashamed of my mother's Sonic the Hedgehog reverse-mullet haircut than my dad going out and enjoying his life. Let the guy live a little, he's trying to regain the soul that his heartless wife stole from him.

  • Pops Warner
    Pops Warner

    He reminds me of Bonanza's Chinese cook, Hop Sing.

  • Jonlove

    stop it jon is awesome atleast he cares about his kids some people don`t so you need to shut up your awesome jon

  • Brian Thompson
    Brian Thompson

    What a useless piece of crap. He blames the paps for documenting his affairs, if only he wasn't a millionaire he could cheat like a normal dad...

  • reneelucky7

    This idiot must not care about what his kids think- especially the way he parades around town with a different skank every month.