PHOTO GALLERY: Shia LaBeouf's New Lady?

That Shia LaBeouf sure likes to keep us guessing.

A day after sporting a "World's Best Dad" t-shirt, the Transformers 2 star was spotted grabbing some frozen yogurt with a mystery blonde on Sunday in Studio City, CA.

She's no Megan Fox, that's for sure.

Check out our new gallery of Shia and his lady friend and let us know in the comments: Do they look like more than friends?



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  • sexyshiaismine86

    omg he is so sexy

  • shir2411

    my sexy shia ;D

  • bella

    i love u shia forever n ever... ps the girl is not better lookin then me so u need 2 ditch her asap.. ily

  • Lady

    They have been friends for quite a while I believe, but that's all, I think she is a model and part-time works in boutiques, my cousin used to work with her.

  • noe

    looove him... hes hot... but... come on!!!! that girl??? r u kidding?? if its just a lunch... great but.... couple???? no pleaseeee :s

  • Squash

    She stole those shoes from a homeless clown. :) Ha ha these homeless people always are fighting with one another... its all in good fun tho!

  • Reppin
    Reppin blueberry shoes....

  • Rx

    Wow Shia in only a few years you went from looking energetic to looking totally beat down and tired.

  • Jessisss

    she looks like a homeless person, i think he was just going to buy her food. LOL

  • br7anjc

    who freaking cares??? leave him alone, lol

  • Meh

    She looks a little like his publicist.

  • rach

    just friends that all im saying

  • reneelucky7

    That is how young guys are. He plowed Megan Fox and now is on to the next piece of ass. Ladies- take this as a learning lesson

  • Sonia Goldenberg
    Sonia Goldenberg

    She is so nice! And he broke his finger;(

  • cute

    he is cute and beautiful. but He needs to shave I love him