Chris Brown Visits Rihanna’s Tattoo Arist

We wonder what Rihanna thinks about this one.

Chris Brown paid a visit to his former lover’s tattoo artist this weekend. You know, the guy who gave Rihanna her menacing gun tattoo?

The 20-year-old singer stopped at New York tattoo parlor East Side Ink for an appointment with Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy around 12:30 AM on Saturday morning.

The artist spent over 2 hours drawing images on Chris’ body, including spaceships and “puffy stars” borrowed from classic video games like Galaga and the “Mario” series, as well as some graffiti-style animals.

Bang Bang told OK!, “He gets tattoos of stuff that he likes from his childhood. He has cartoon characters on his upper arm — like Anime style cartoons — too.”

Was RiRi the topic of conversation? Bang Bang remained mum on that, but did say that Chris commented on the line-drawing of an umbrella that Rihanna did on the tattoo artist in July. “He said she did a great job,” he revealed.

He also said that the two “goofed off,” adding that “we talked about some crude things that guys talk about.”

Well, that isn’t too shocking.

Are you surprised that Chris and Rihanna are still sharing the same tattoo artist? Spill your comments below!