Jamie Campbell Bower Is Getting Angry!

Watch out, world; Jamie Campbell Bower has a chip on his shoulder! At least on the big screen.

The Harry Potter actor—who plays Volturi leader Caius in the upcoming Twilight sequel New Moon—tells MTV that he’ll be putting a particularly surly spin on his character.

“[New Moon director Chris Weitz] gave us a lot of freedom,” Bower recalls. “We sat down prior to it and just bounced ideas around. The backstory for Caius is already there, as it is for the Volturi. It’s all fairly self-explanatory. We sat down and I said, ‘I think he’s got this deep-rooted anger. He doesn’t have a power, and he’s pretty pissed off about that, because the rest of them have powers.’ And then, once we got on set, he was just like, ‘Go for it.’ We’d do a couple of takes of the same thing, and then we’d change it up and I’d do something crazy.”

Like, what kind of crazy things?

“We’d do different accents, different styles,” Bower notes. “There would be one that would be very introverted, and then there would be another one that would be completely theatrical. It was good fun.”

Sounds like a wacky time.

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